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Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler is the perfect example of the fully formed artist; he draws, paints, prints, photographs, makes and plays records. He even crochets! For the launch of his six week solo exhibition ‘Theme from boat weirdos’, Pete joined us to talk life and creativity.

Pete’s weird and wonderful World of Monsterism is a colourful landscape of psychedelia, monsters and music. His prolific career has seen the World of Monsterism in various exhibitions, murals, vinyl toys, clothing, skate boards and animations. He also produces cosmic yacht rock & hazy beach pop vibrations with Jon Tye as the Seahawks, as well as designing covers and merchandise for a range of musicians, notably his on-going designs for Welsh psychedelic pop geniuses, The Super Furry Animals.

We love Pete’s world of Monsterism and his  rather special Seahawks music too



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