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Live music, Indian dancing & visuals.

Mimesis / Inflorescences

A collaboration between two enigmatic Yorkshire artists. David Aldred (poet) and Shrikant Subramaniam (indian dancer). The presentation captures different nuances of the Spring season with words penned by David and danced by Shrikant. Digital soundscapes and video combine with physical contours of movement and mime to create a multi-sensory experience which is intercultural and multidisciplinary in its approach. The collaborative presentation hopes to appeal to audiences across Yorkshire and beyond.

Aris & The Collective Orchestra Project

Aris in ‘The Collective Orchestra Project’ tells stories in image & sounds, taking the audience on a Journey of imagination and reflection. Interweaving tradidtion music values with modern technology, Aris makes use of guitar looping, the iPad, kinect, and visuals, playing to soundscape backing tracks made up of pre-recorded sounds.

Each performance of ‘The Collective Orchestra Project’ is built around a unifying concept. The Collective Orchestra Project’s current performance is called ‘In Person’. It portrays Aris’s travels in London urban environment and how these travels connect to his uneasy immigrant soul. \the performance aspires to put the audience into a self reflective trance through which each viewer evaluates anew their position in society and settles or feels like changing this position.

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