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Dave Beer & Nic Gundill

To celebrate the finale of the ‘Excess All Areas’ exhibition of Back to Basics flyer art, we were delighted to welcome Dave Beer and Nic Gundill to the conversational couch of Chinwag.

‘Excess All Areas’ was a unique exhibition that drew together a collection of the iconic images used to promote just some of more than one thousand parties thrown by legendary Leeds club night Back to Basics, since it opened its doors in 1991. Each image was created by the club’s promoter, resident artist and “purveyor of good times”, Dave Beer, as part of an on-going collaboration with designer Nic Gundill – a partnership that has lasted more than two decades.

When they write the history of Leeds there is no doubt that Dave will feature large for the impact Basics has had on the cultural and economic renaissance that led Leeds into the 21st century. ‘Beero’ is a genuine Leeds character with an incredible history (read his wikipedia entry if you need further evidence!) and Basics contribution to both the city and worldwide clubbing cannot be underestimated, so this was an evening of conversation filled with laugh-out-loud stories and insights.

Nic Gundill has been designing for more years than he cares to mention yet his passion for creativity and great graphic design is incorrigible. Take a look at what he does HERE


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