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Chinwag with Alice Nutter (Chumbawamba)


We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming Alice Nutter to the Chinwag settee for a chat about life and whatever else comes up.

For 23 years Alice was a member of the Leeds anarchist collective Chumbawamba, whose ethos was to live and work communally. The band’s own brand of agit-prop had a decent cult following from 1984 onwards until (to everybody’s surprise, including Chumbawamba’s) the band had a mega hit here and in the states with Tubthumping. When Chumbawamba morphed into an acoustic folk combo 10 years ago, several members of the band left to do other things. Alice focused on writing. A stint as a staff writer on Leeds Other paper in the early 90’s convinced her that she was a rubbish journalist, so Alice started to write for stage, screen and radio. Ten years on, Alice has had three plays on at West Yorkshire Playhouse (with a fourth Barnbow Canaries due to run June/July) several radio plays and continually writes for the screen. Her credits include stints working with Jimmy McGovern on Moving On, The Street and The Accused and has written for other series including The Mill, The White Princess, No Offence. She considers being in a band good training for becoming a writer.

Hosted by psychotherapist Chris Madden, Chinwag invites you to lean in and listen to a conversation about life and anything else that comes up. Unlike a Q&A, this is an opportunity to get to know someone a bit better, hear a few of their tales, find out what makes them tick, share some insights and maybe ask a few questions too.

As ever, proceeds are in support of MAP (Music & Arts Productions) which enables disadvantaged young people at risk of exclusion from mainstream education access to art and music courses. Laetitia has kindly donated her fee to help us support MAP’s inspiring projects and promote arts education in the community. Grab a ticket, join in the chat and support an amazing organisation.

Held at the intimate Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds, this is a unique event with limited capacity at only 100 tickets. Please book in advance.

You can book online (30p Booking Fee) or in-person at Outlaws… and you’ll be able enjoy a lovely cuppa & revel in the glow of supporting your local hostelry!

On the night, please arrive early, grab a seat, have your tea, have a drink, meet some mates, and enjoy an evening of insight & chat

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